Seabotek is a newly founded startup aiming to develop middle size underwater robots to perform inspection tasks.

Our mission is to provide industries and organizations working offshore coupled with cutting edge research that has the potential to change the face of the inspection industry. We provide underwater inspection tools through the development and application of the latest computer vision AI technology innovations and the nondestructive inspection methods. Seabotek seeks not only to replace human divers with robots, but to introduce nondestructive inspection methods and further disrupt our sector with innovative techniques and groundbreaking concepts.

Seabotek is creating a new ROV concept through computer vision technologies and their subsea application. The world is becoming ever more autonomous, and these technologies are poised to take over in the renewables industry. We are looking at projects including applied artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicle path planning and live  underwater inspection for different types of platforms and materials.

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Seabot provides ROV services where manned intervention is either not possible or where there are operational and safety considerations.


Developing the aquaculture industry through the new innovative solutions

Image recognition and computer vision

Implementing computer vision programs in order to improve the decision-making procedure for different industries

Non-destructive testing

Creating a new type of ROVs to make the underwater infrastructure inspection much easier and affordable for the offshore operators

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