NDT Methods Adopted By SeaBot

  • Visual Testing VT
  • Ultrasonic Testing UT
  • Current Testing ECT
  • Measurement of corrosion potential



CND methods sometimes have limitations, but not with SeaBot!
Our approach is to combine the results obtained from several complementary methods in order to build accurate analyses as far as possible.

The inspection systems we offer are Plug&Play extensions, you can handle the tools you will use according to the requirements of each mission.


SeaBot NDC Products

SeaBot offers you the possibility to customize your inspection class according to your needs. Our solutions vary between the basic solution, an imaging system consisting of a camera perfectly suited for underwater use with an integral solution that allows the combination of the results of different NDT methods to produce the best possible analyses.

Imaging systems

Underwater Camera:
Our camera presents the best choice on the market thanks to its excellent low light performance and good color quality. Its specially selected low-distortion wide-angle lens offers excellent image quality on the ROV either for corrosion mapping or external crack detection.

Sonar is a necessary tool for applications in dark water. We offer you the possibility to integrate a sonar from the BlueView M900 family, this technology is the market leader in imaging sonar in terms of price and performance

Ultrasonic inspection systems

-Phased Array Ultrasonic Inspection:
Innovation has no limit with SeaBot. We offer the only solution on the market allowing an ultrasonic inspection with a multi-element probe to guarantee the best possible resolution for our customers.

Single-element ultrasonic inspection under coating:
Through our single-element sensor system, you can conduct your conventional or multi-echo ultrasonic tests for thickness measurement and detection of internal cracks under insulation.

Eddy Current Inspection System

Faithful to the philosophy of innovation, SeaBot has introduced to the market the possibility to use the first and only system integratable to the ROV that allows the inspection with eddy currents in order to perfect your controls on the welds especially or to conduct your regular inspection operations metal structures

 Corrosion Potential Measurement System

This is an essential operation to verify the integrity of a metal structure. SeaBot provides the necessary solutions for measuring the corrosion potential of sacrificial anodes and also for the structures themselves


Underwater infrastructure occurs naturally in a more invasive and aggressive environment, and its failure can have a major economic and environmental impact. This would naturally lead to more regular monitoring of these installations, as their failure is more detrimental. SeaBot offers a wide range of inspection products and services for

The oil platforms

These structures operate thousands of kilometres of subsea pipelines and other facilities that must be inspected, maintained and/or repaired to avoid operational, environmental and production losses. The inspection activities at these facilities mainly concern oil tubes,risers, foundations, fixed steel pillars.

Electricity generation

The pace of development of new offshore wind farms is accelerating, and have increasingly embraced the full potential of the market. These structures contain much more welded joints, with more than 1 km of total weld length per pillar. In addition, corrosion is one of the greatest threats to the long-term integrity and profitability of these offshore wind turbines.

Public Infrastructure

Bridges, roads, tunnel pavements, water and sewer systems are the main components of a civil infrastructure system. Billions of dollars are invested each year in this infrastructure to deal with the degradation, prevent their structural failure and to maintain their integrity and security. Seabot offers the possibility to significantly reduce costs in such operations


Non-destructive control methods are powerful, non-invasive techniques for determining the integrity of a vessel component or structure and for discovering these defects. Through its products and services, SeaBot facilitates the measurement of corrosion potential, the inspection of welds, as well as the inspection of bolts, hull plates and other components of boats, yachts and ships.

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