Targeted Applications

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  • Environmental Coastal monitoring, habitat monitoring, pollution assessments.
  • Security Hull inspections, unexploded (UXO) ordnance. surveys, contraband detection
  • Hydro power Dam wall inspections, blockage detection at penstock intake.
  • Aquaculture Net inspection, removal of dead fish.
  • Military Mine hunting and disposal.
  • Sciences Seabed investigation, marine life studies, water and sediment sampling.
  • Offshore oil and gas Pipe and structure inspection, visual leak detection, diver buddy operations.
  • Marine renewable energy Structure inspection
  • Nuclear energy Inspection and operation in areas causing danger to humans
  • Search and rescue Search and recovery operations
  • Archaeology Area mapping, diving buddy
  • Civils Bridge and pier structure monitoring, foundation inspection

Seabot-1 platform in a nominal standard configuration, including a set of embedded
modules for an inspection / observation mission.

Seabot turn-key solutions come with:

Your affordable, manoeuvering, stable, multi-functions, plug&play, compact, singleoperator and user-friendly Mid-Size ROV inspection solution.

Seabot-1 platform

Umbilical cable (300m / 500m max length) + manual winch (option)

Surface Control Unit (rack or waterproof suitcase with related Monitoring Software)

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