Seabot Panther

Seabot Panther

Increasing accessibility to AUVs Seabot Panther is committed to making AUV technology
accessible to all; reducing the barriers to autonomous system use in the underwater
environment Seabot Panther AUVs serve a wide range of sectors, with the capability to deploy
useful sensors including high accuracy CTD, speed of sound, fluorimeters, pH, side scan sonar,
wave and current sensors, passive hydrophones, and cameras. In addition, we can now offer
enhanced navigation using DVL system. Many more users from research, academia and
teaching will be able to access marine autonomous systems (MAS) and apply the benefits of
collecting wide spatial and temporal data. Commercial operators, especially in the Oil & Gas
sector, see enormous potential in the affordable use of MAS for a whole range of activity,
including rapid response to environmental challenges, subsea inspection and assets.


Seabot Panther is an innovative mini-AUV coupled with cutting edge simultaneous localization
and mapping system with a 10-hour battery Autonomy allowing its users to perform
underwater missions with a great efficiency

Technical Specifications

-SeaBot panther platform is Mini
class AUV
– Powered with a high thrust
propulsion system.
– Sonars for mapping and
– 10 hours battery Autonomy.
– Modular plug&Dive architecture.
– Reliable and robust product.

Targeted applications

-Offshore surveying
-Marine archaeology Area mapping, diving buddy
-Search and rescue: Search and recovery operations in open waters
-Data collection
-3D mapping
-Military surveillance
-Oil and gas pipeline inspection
-Renewable energy

Main Features


10 hours battery autonomy


13Kg light weight vehicle


3.5 Km/H vertical speed


100 meters depth range


2 Sonars for navigation


Easy maintenance And mission uploading

Big picture data

fast AUVs for mass deployment

A small, low cost AUV is an ideal platform to be deployed
in a shoal, able to provide rapid acquisition of large spatial
data sets, enabling quick assessment of situations and
decision making. Cover large areas quickly and affordably
by deploying multiple Seabot Panther AUVs. Target
hydrocarbon spills, oceanographic features like
thermoclines, hydrocarbon leaks, or build a picture of the
environmental situation in a fraction of the time of a
research vessel or single AUV.

Easy launch & recovery

Small platforms reduce

Seabot Panther AUVs are convenient to launch from any conventional platform or from the shoreline
and with such a small platform, recovery is easy, significantly reducing the infrastructure required to
operate an AUV. Simple mission planning and recovery Easy to use Graphical User Interface,
simplifiesmission planning Key to the Seabot Panther philosophy of simple to use is the Seabot Panther
command control & communications box. Simple point and click waypoints and behaviours makes
mission planning a breeze. No special programming knowledge required. Sanity checking of planned
missions, a recovery helm guide, offline charts and maps, data visualisation and pre-launch dashboard
makes Seabot Pantherthe easiest to use AUV available at any size or price point