General description

Seabot’s Suction Sampler is designed for taking biological samples using an ROV at depths down to 200 meters. The sampler is compact, lightweight and includes ten, two hundred milliliter sampler bottles. The sampler only requires a 12V power supply on the ROV for its operation.


Using electric power from the ROV, a centrifugal water pump pulls
water through a sample hose, and a two-hundred milliliter sample cup.
The pump is located on the cup outflow. When sampling is
complete, an electric rotation mechanism drives the carousel
sealing the previous cup and opening the next cup ready for


The ROV Suction Sampler pulls water, and biological samples into two hundred milliliter sample cups. The samples are trapped in the cups with a user selected filter size. Once sampling is finished, the
cup is rotated out of the water flow and sealed for subsequent analysis


Easy ROV compatibility

Requires only a 12 V power supply and a 2 wires TX,RX communication wires.

Compact Design

Compact and light weight Design in air and water

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